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By Great Florida Smiles
February 21, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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How a filling from your dentists in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, can save your smile

Your tooth hurts, but do you need a filling? That’s a good question, and one that your dentist can answer. The best action you can take when you have tooth pain is to visit your dentist for x-rays and a dental examination.

The dentists at Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics offer a wide range of dental services, including dental fillings to save your smile. They have two convenient office locations in Santa Rosa Beach and DeFuniak Springs, FL, to help you and your smile.

There are some signs and symptoms you can pay attention to which may indicate you need a filling. Pain is often the first symptom indicating you may need a filling. You may experience:

  • Acute, sharp, stabbing tooth pain when you bite down or chew
  • Sudden aching or throbbing tooth pain when you eat or drink hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Sudden sharp tooth pain when you eat or drink sweet foods or beverages

There are also non-painful signs you may notice when you need a filling, including:

  • An open hole or missing tooth structure on the surface of your tooth
  • An area of brown or black stain on your tooth which doesn’t brush off

There are a few reasons why you might need a filling. One of the main causes is a cavity created by tooth decay. Painful symptoms like those listed above often accompany tooth decay, but you can still have tooth decay without pain. You may also need a filling because your old filling is breaking and leaking. You may see cracks in the filling, or a broken, crumbling margin of a filling.

If you do need a filling, modern filling materials give you a little extra benefit besides just restoring your tooth. Today’s fillings can also make your smile look better, because one of the most commonly used filling materials is composite. Composite is a unique liquid resin that can be matched to the color of your tooth and shaped to match your tooth contours. The composite is then hardened with an ultraviolet light, giving you a beautiful filling that blends with your smile.

To find out more about fillings and how tooth-colored fillings using composite can help your smile, talk with the experts. Call the dentists at Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics in Defuniak Springs and Santa Rosa Beach, FL, today! Call (850) 622- 5888 for our Santa Rosa Beach office and (850) 892-2500 for our DeFuniak Springs office.

By Great Florida Smiles
February 18, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Crowns  

If you have an unattractive tooth, don't let your self-esteem suffer. Visit your dentist to discuss cosmetic services that can give your smile and oral health a boost. At Great Florida Smiles and Orthodontics, we may recommend dental crowns as a durable solution to fix teeth that are weak, broken, and damaged. For patients who live in the surrounding Santa Rosa Beach, FL, area, schedule a consultation in our office to learn more about how dental crowns can help enhance your grin.

What is a Dental Crown?

If one or multiple teeth acquire damage from decay, bruxism, or injury, a dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that renews its strength, restores function, and improves aesthetics. Because it's visible in the mouth, selecting the right material is essential for ultimate comfort and satisfaction. In our Santa Rosa Beach, FL, dental office, porcelain is a popular choice because it's the closest match to a natural appearance. The ultimate goal of a dental crown is to enhance the shape, size, and color of your smile.

How Dental Crowns Help Your Smile

Dental crowns are versatile and are often used in a variety of situations. Some of these include holding a dental bridge in place, protecting or restoring a weak tooth, and covering a dental implant. Dental crowns also disguise discoloration, preserve function, and offer full coverage, so you can smile with confidence, enjoy your favorite foods again, and speak without worrying about lisping or slurring your speech. With standard oral care, they can benefit your health for a lifetime.

What to Expect from Treatment

Dental crown placement is achievable during a few visits to Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics. The number of appointments will depend on your specific situation, and whether or not you need a bridgework or a dental implant. Placing a crown requires minimal tooth preparation. Your dentist first applies a local anesthetic before filing the tooth to fit inside its new covering. Filling material may be added for extra support. You may receive a temporary crown to protect the tooth until your permanent one is fabricated.

Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics serves patients across the Northwest Florida area. Our dedicated staff is committed to serving the oral health needs of your entire family. To decide if dental crowns are suitable for you, consult with a dentist in our office. For more information about dental crowns and other services provided, visit our website. For appointment scheduling at our Santa Rosa Beach, FL, office, please call (850) 622-5888, and for our DeFuniak Springs, FL, office, please call (850) 892-2500.