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By Great Florida Smiles
July 26, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Porcelain veneers resolve issues with teeth: badly stained, poorly shaped or crooked. Veneers are thin porcelain dental appliances cemented over natural teeth to change their color and/or shape. They're a better option, compared to bondings for example, because they have a longer life expectancy, color stability, and are highly resist to permanent staining from eating certain foods or beverages.

Veneers fix a variety of problems, other than those mentioned above, like:

  • uneven surfaces
  • chipped
  • discolored
  • oddly shaped
  • unevenly spaced

Veneers take at least three appointments because your dentist must first diagnose and treatment any underlying issues and determine if you're a good candidate for veneers; then come up with a plan; then prepare the permanent veneers by creating the mold sent to a dental lab; and finally bond the veneers to your teeth.

The procedure is quick and painless, requiring little to no anesthesia. A dental lab technician creates permanent veneers from a model provided by your Santa Rosa Beach and DeFuniak Springs dentist and your dentist takes care of the rest. Your dentist removes a small amount of enamel off the surface of your teeth, an irreversible procedure, to accommodate the shell, about half a millimeter of enamel is removed.

The porcelain veneers will mask the undesirable defects mentioned above when bonded to the surface then lightly buffed. Then you're ready to go with your new smile.

To properly care for veneers, make sure you brush and floss everyday. Use a soft-bristled tooth brush and change it when bristles are frayed. Also, visit your dentist every six months for dental checkups, as a preventative measure to catch any issues in their early stages, and get professional dental cleanings.

Interested in learning more about our veneers? Call (850) 622-5888 for our Santa Rosa Beach, FL, office and (850) 892-2500 for our DeFuniak Springs, FL, office to learn more today!

By Great Florida Smiles
February 08, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers   cosmetic dentistry  

Porcelain veneers offer a simple way to enhance your smile, and they are conveniently offered by your dentists, Dr. Michael O'Donnell, Dental VeneersCourtney Wright, and Chris Farrugia, at their Santa Rosa Beach and DeFuniak Springs, FL, offices. Read on to learn more!


What are veneers?

Veneers keep common tooth imperfections hidden from view. The restorations are cemented to the fronts of your teeth to conceal minor, but very noticeable, cosmetic issues, such as discolorations and chips. Before you receive your veneers, your Santa Rosa Beach or DeFuniak Springs dentist buffs off a small amount of tooth enamel and makes an impression of your teeth. Technicians at a dental laboratory then use these impression to create your custom-made veneers.

Veneers are as thin as contact lenses, yet offer excellent coverage for dental flaws. They're made of porcelain, a translucent material that reflects light the same way your natural tooth enamel does. In fact, porcelain veneers look so much like tooth enamel that no one will be able to tell that you're wearing veneers.


How can veneers help my smile?

Veneers can completely transform your smile. They're an excellent choice if your tooth enamel is pitted, uneven, or if you have small chips or cracks in teeth.

The restorations can even change the shape of teeth and make crooked or twisted teeth look perfectly straight. They also improve the appearance of pointed or oddly shaped teeth and extend the length of teeth that are shorter than adjacent teeth.

A gap between your front teeth may be adorable when you're younger, but many adults don't like spaces between their teeth. Adding veneers closes slight gaps that can detract from your appearance.

Veneers also hide discolored teeth or whiten your entire smile. When you use veneers for whitening, you can pick the perfect shade of white. The shade of the dental cement that your dentist uses also influence whiteness. Veneers are stain resistant and remain white even if you drink coffee, tea, cola, or wine.


Interested? Give us a call!

Revitalize your smile with porcelain veneers! Schedule an appoint with dentists Dr. Michael O'Donnell, Courtney Wright, and Chris Farrugia of Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics by calling (850) 622-5888 for the Santa Rosa Beach, FL, office or (850) 892-2500 for the DeFuniak Springs, FL, office.

By Great Florida Smiles
October 30, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers   cosmetic dentistry  

You may have heard of veneers as a dental treatment to the stars, transforming actors’ smiles from drab to fab. However, veneers can veneersbenefit many different kinds of patients. Whether you want to completely overhaul your smile or subtly tweak a slightly misshapen tooth, veneers can do it all. Find out what veneers can do for your smile with your dentists at Great Florida Smiles and Orthodontics with locations in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and DeFuniak Springs, FL, Dr. Michael O’Donnell and Dr. Chris Farrugia.

What can veneers do for me? 
A dental veneer can treat a wide range of dental problems, from simple chips to serious dental staining. Your dentist can help you choose the best use of veneers for your smile. Some of the most common uses of veneers include:

  • stained teeth
  • yellowed teeth
  • uneven teeth
  • misshapen teeth
  • small misalignments
  • small gaps
  • slight crowding
  • chipped teeth
  • cracked teeth

How will my dentist determine if veneers can help me? 
Your dentist can assess your candidacy for dental veneers at a regular dental examination or specific consultation. During this process, your dentist will ensure that you have a strong at-home oral health routine to keep their teeth free from teeth decay and gum disease. Additionally, your dentist will assess your teeth’s enamel to ensure that it is strong enough to provide a good foundation for your veneers.

Dental Veneers in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
If you think you could benefit from dental veneers, you should consider consulting with your dentist. In addition to a consultation, your dentist will need to prepare the teeth and take an impression of your mouth for the dental laboratory who creates your veneers.

For more information on dental veneers or other porcelain dental restorations, please contact Dr. Michael O’Donnell and Dr. Chris Farrugia at Great Florida Smiles and Orthodontics with locations in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Call (850) 622-5888 to schedule your appointment in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and (850) 892-2500 to schedule your appointment in DeFuniak Springs, FL today!

By Great Florida Smiles
September 09, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: veneers  

Give your smile the dental facelift it needs with porcelain veneers.

Getting the perfect smile shouldn’t be a major stressor in your life. With all the cosmetic dentistry options available from our Rosa veneersBeach, FL dentists, Dr. Michael O’Donnell and Dr. Kerri Hanson, you’ll be enjoying a beautiful smile in no time.

Regardless of how your smile came to be, getting dental veneers may be able to solve your issues. Veneers are great for masking common imperfections such as:

  • Discolorations
  • Cracks and chips
  • Worn or uneven teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Overlapping teeth

Veneers are applied over the front portion of your tooth to cover these flawed areas and to improve the overall appearance of your smile. Imagine being able to change the shape, size or color of your smile without needing braces or other more expensive cosmetic dentistry.

Once our Rosa Beach cosmetic dentists have examined your smile and determined that your cosmetic goals will be achieved through dental veneers, the first thing we will need to do is prepare the teeth for veneers. This requires some enamel to be filed down. But don’t worry; no more than 0.5 mm of enamel is removed and it’s painless.

Once teeth are prepared we will take impressions of your smile. A lab will use these impressions to help create dental veneers that fit perfectly to your teeth. Getting your custom dental veneers can take up to a week but once they are ready we will temporarily apply them over your teeth to make sure you are happy with how they look and fit. Then we will permanently adhere them to your teeth. With one good polish your new smile is ready to be flaunted!

Are you ready to take the plunge and get dental veneers in Rosa Beach, FL? Then book a consultation with Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics today to find out if they are right for you.