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What Crowns Can Do For Your Smile

Multi-purpose crowns offer important smile benefits. While, of course, they're an excellent option if you're unhappy with the appearance of a tooth, they are also ideal if you wish to repair or protect a damaged or weak tooth, as well. Offering a variety of dental procedures and services (including crowns!), Drs. Michael O'Donnell and Courtney Wright of Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics in both Santa Rosa Beach and DeFuniak Springs, FL, are here to make your smile better than ever before!

Crowns can boost your smile power

It's not unusual to have a tooth that doesn't look like your other teeth. Although a tooth may be oddly shaped, it may still function perfectly well. In these cases, crowns offer a simple, effective way to make over an unattractive tooth.

Restorations slip over teeth that have been reduced in size. Made of durable porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, or resin, crowns are designed to last 10 to 15 years or longer. The restorations can be used to hide discolorations or conceal crooked, twisted, or pointed teeth.


Dental crowns protect fragile teeth

Even small cracks can increase the risk that your tooth will break. After all, every time you take a bite of food, the stress on your tooth increases. Dental crowns absorb strong biting forces that can further damage the previously cracked dental material that lies beneath them.


Crowns restore teeth

Your Santa Rosa Beach or DeFuniak Springs dentist may recommend a dental crown if you have broken a tooth. Both painful and unsightly, broken teeth can be restored with a simple crown treatment.

Crowns can also be used to restore missing teeth when they're attached to dental implants. In this procedure, your dentist will add small titanium implants to your jawbone to replace the missing tooth roots. After they bond to the bone, your dentist then attaches a dental crown to the implant. The crown replaces the part of your tooth you see when you smile and makes it possible to bite and chew with your new tooth.


Need dental care? Give us a call!

Dental crowns may offer the perfect solution to your smile issue! Find out by scheduling an appointment with the dentists here at Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics by calling (850) 622-5888 for the Santa Rosa Beach, FL, office or (850) 892-2500 for the DeFuniak Springs office.

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